Polycarbonate Fiberlux greenhouse in Garden Center in Madrid

This time we would like to share some pictures from one of our latest constructions ended Invernadero Fiberlux de Policarbonato y Umbráculo para Centro de Jardinería en Bruneteduring this 2014 summer, it is about a Fiberlux F9 greenhouse 9 m. width per 16 m. length, equipped with a roof vent and a door in one of the frontal extremes of the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse there is a completely automated and aluminized thermal-shade screen. Greenhouse closing was made by a low perimeter wall and by structured polycarbonate sheets. Near the greenhouse were built two simple flat roof shading structures 10 m per 24 m. with 60 % shading mesh white colored in the walls and photoselective red and blue colored mesh in the roofs.

The reason of this construction is the opening of a new Garden Center in Brunete (Madrid).

Pictures gallery: