Heating system and tunnel crop benches installation

This time Sistemas D.R. staff is happy to share another of its last setting-ups, a new model of crop benches for grafts sprouting with plastic covering tunnels and heating system integrated by propylene pipes inside the bench.

Pictures show the benches construction and assembly in process before being closed with 800 gauges celloflex 4 tt polyetilene plastic covering with anticondensation treatment. The backboard benches are made by 10 mm. struct

For the heating system design, considering that the greenhouse iMesas-túnel para cubrir con plásticos 8 m. width and 55 m. length, it was taken 0ºC outside temperature and 24ºC inside the bench-tunnels as calculus base.ured polycarbonate, and the bench frontals are closed by compact semi-wavy polycarbonate sheets.



The heating installation included a 1000 litres capacity double wall fuel deposit, 2 hot water aerotherms 16.000 kcal/h each, plugged through steel pipes. Two 20.000 kcal/h. aerotherms were installed as well in the cultivation area.

Escolar Nursery is a family business located in Fuenlabrada (MadriSistema de calefacción en Mesas cultivod) and they have been growing and selling seeds and plants for more than thirty years.Chimenea de acero inoxidable con doble pared. Calefacción en invernaderos Sistemas D.R.