Equipment and conditioning of Greenhouse at CIEMAT in Spain

Recently Sistemas D.R. has ended the climate conditioning of the existing greenhouse in the CIEMAT – Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology. The project consisted of climate control equipments installation, as evaporative cooling system, irrigation system, thermal-shade screen and crop benches.

All systems have been automated and centralized through a control electrical panel. A software has been installed for equipments programming and control by P.C. This is a complete computer, monitoring system, configurable, with capacity for 500 programs, ruled and registered by P.C., composed by analogical entering plates, relay exits, temperature gauges, humidity gauges, radiation gauge, wind speed and direction, forming all together a complete weather station for climate control inside the greenhouse.

The CIEMAT, an Organism of the Ministry of Education and Science, is a Public Research Agency for excellence in energy and environment, as well as in many vanguard technologies and in various areas of fundamental research. Since its creation in 1951, then as the JEN, and since 1986 as the CIEMAT, it has been carrying out research and technological development projects, serving as a reference for technical representation of Spain in international forums, and advising government on matters within its scope. The CIEMAT team is made up of approximately 1200 people, of whom 47% are university graduates.