Ingeniería. Sistemas DR

Engineering department

We have a forestall and agricultural engineering department that can ensure the efficiency and the correction of all documents needed for every technical project, using latest technology in designing and calculation. for a better for better optimization of client resources.

Aware of the importance of research and development, our engineering department performs continuos work in the design and calculation of new technology components and also in the development of innovative parts and accesories that further enhance the properties of our greenhouses.

In the same way we work since 1994 with research groups at the Technical University of Madrid in several research projects in greenhouses.

We perform the following engineering tasks:

A Drafting and signing of projects which subject is to do with construction, remodeling, reparation, conservation, demolition, manufacturing, installation, assembly or any agricultural or forestall project.

B Direction of all activities involved in the projects previously mentioned.

C Calculations, measurements, ratings, appraisails, studies, reports, work plans, and other similar works.

We also accomplish topography works as boundaries and boundary marking, farms and rural properties, surveys and rural properties partitions, forest roads, etc.

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