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Climate control systems for greenhouses
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Climate control

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Design, construction and installation of greenhouses since 1989

Glasshouses and multiwall polycarbonate greenhouses

Premium Range

Professional greenhouse models specially designed and conceived to manage an upper quality and for standing the most exigent conditions. In this greenhouse every detail counts to increase the greenhouse isolation and endurance, making the difference with the rest types of greenhouses.

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Corrugated compact polycarbonate greenhouses

Medium Range

These greenhouses are those which combine the efficiency, simplicity and agricultural professionalism with quality. This is a good solution for standard crops conditions.

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Polyethylene Greenhouses

Basic Range

Invernaderos destinados a proyectos de necesidades y exigencias más simples. Estos invernaderos son de uso extendido por toda España para intensive farms particularly in Spain, South America, and North Africa.

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Sistemas DR Greenhouses, is a spanish and 30 year experienced company based in Madrid, which it is specialized in the accomplishment of greenhouse turnkey projects.

From our agricultural and forestry engineering department we work in our greenhouses never ending improvement through our trademarks REYLUX and FIBERLUX.

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