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Climate control systems

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A greenhouse manufacturated with high quality materials and with an optimum assembly finishing can guarantee achieve a good isolation and the thermal gap needed. Nevertheless, this is just the first step to achieve a long production life, from which it makes possible to keep adding installations and equipments for environmental control.

Climate control increase plants confort and allows achieve the greenhouse production yield goals.

For this same reason, to obtain maximum yield to these high quality greenhouses, Sistemas D.R. is specialized in acconditioning and climatizing comprehensively equipping them with:

Cooling System


Air humidifiers


Hot Water Systems


Energy saving/ Shading

Climate Screens

Photosynthesis/ Photoperiod


Control and Automation


Water Evaporation System

Fog System

Hydraulic dispensers


Greenhouses Maintenance and Refurbishing

Sistemas D.R. also accomplishes works to rehabilitate all type of greenhouses making them into highly energy efficient installations and adapting them to the needs of their costumers.

At Sistemas DR we actively work for the improvement of the energy efficiency and competitiveness of the facilities that we have the opportunity to carry out, fullfilling the responsability that our company has as an agent of the industry.

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Sistemas DR Greenhouses is a spanish and 30 year experienced company based in Madrid it is specialized in the accomplishment of greenhouse turnkey projects.

From our agricultural and forestry engineering department we work in our greenhouses never ending improvement through our trademarks REYLUX and FIBERLUX.

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