Mesas expositoras con bandejas de Inundación en Garden Center

Crop benches
Made entirely by laminated steel and hot dip galvanized steel finished or with aluminum handrail. Very resistant, they are calculated to support 100 kg/m2, including radiant steel pipe supports below them. We also install hot bed facilities, irrigation, humidification, etc.

Crop benches are designed after a study of space and customer needs. The growing tables we manufacture include:

Fixed: Manufactured with height as the type of use and are perfect for display and presentation in garden-centers, and also for research and teaching.
Sliding crop benches: DR Systems sliding tables are designed to allow maximum use of space by getting optimize greenhouse area, so that we can take up to 90% of the space. Trays are moving laterally in an easy and fast way creating intermediate aisles which permit to access easily to any point.
Wheeled crop benches: We also manufacture trolleys, so this way we can move the entire bench and locking it in another location due to its braking device.
The design of every manufacturated bench  is designed to accommodate the following types of funds:
Structured Polycarbonate: Structured polycarbonate benches 10 mm. width. They are made completely tailored to customer needs.
Galvanized mesh: Benches 40 mm galvanized mesh with light and 3.4 mm. thickness that provides high strength and durability. They are made completely tailored to customer needs.
Ebb/Flow bench trays: Stal & Plast high quality watertight trays polystyrene with drainage channels for optimum flood irrigation. Benches are manufactured for following standard widths: 1.2 m., 1.5 m. and 1.8 m. Check availability for other measures. (1 m, 2 m, 2.2 m.).

Exhibition benches
Sistemas D.R. exhibition benches for garden centers  are made of 40×40 tubular steel and painted in color chosen by customer. Benches with 1 x1 m. dimensions, and with double sealed galvanized tray and finally topped with brown wood strips.

These benches can be fixed or mobile. The mobile ones have wheels with brakes.

This type of bench is widely used in exhibitions retail sections of garden centers and DIY centers.

Lab benches
New model of benches specially designed for working in the laboratory. They are made of lacquered steel profiles in color chosen by the customer, and they have three watertight trays. With dimensions of 0.5 m. wide, 0.90 m. long and 0.90 m. high, their mobility and lightness make it ideal for laboratories and research centers. They can also be taylor-made according to the customer dimensions requirements, number of trays, type or number of wheels, etc.

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