Bomba de fog system en invernadero

Useful in order to humidify and cool the greenhouse in a controlled way through water evaporation (same physical principle than cooling system). Water is produced as fog by special diffusers distributed uniformly along the greenhouse area. The working volume flow is 5.3 l/h with a pressure of 60 kg/cm2.

It would also be possible to cool or humidify the greenhouse by opening or closing windows depending on requirements. Disinfection treatments can be done with soluble phytosanitary products through dispenser equipment.

Fog system is used for:

  • Increasing humidity.
  • Decreasing temperature.
  • Acelerating rooting.
  • Decreasing irrigation water consumption.
  • Production enhacement.
  • Increasing luminosity levels.
  • Treatments applications.
  • Protecting against freeze.
  • Having a uniform crop.
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