Cooling system

During warm weather and in regions of low air relative humidity, evaporative cooling systems provide excellent results in greenhouses.

Two systems to choose:

Depression: A curtain of water slides by a panel of high hygroscopic power positioned along one wall and through high flow exhaust and at low speed placed on the opposite wall, creates a vacuum inside, forcing the hot, dry air from outside to penetrate trough the panel. When air evaporates because the internal heat, It obtains a sharp fall in temperature (1kg of water to evaporate cold equivalent 600 BTU).

Overpressure: The cooling system overpressure causes the same effects but in this case by independent teams (evaporative coolers) attached to the outside wall of the greenhouse that humidify the air and get the pressure inside the greenhouse. The air evacuation is carried out by motorized shutters placed on the opposite wall to the equipment.

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