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“Our company completes its offer with the supply of all materials and accesories needed in the greenhouse, having a wide range of high quality accesories, with wich you will be able to complete your greenhouse equipment and to obtain higher production yield.

Among the most requested accesories areCrop benches and lab trolleys.”

“We manufacturate a wide variety of crop benches according to the client needs, among wich we remark the fixed crop benches, sliding benches, fixed benches, rolling benches with wheels, exhibition benches, lab trolleys and pallets-attaching benches. Learn more details about each type below.

Por otro lado, también puede consultar los modelos de carros de laboratorio, los cuales estan fabricados a medida de cada cliente acorde a las necesidades de cada caso.”

Crop Benches

Depending on the supporting structure we have 2 types

BenchesDR GALVA, made entirely by laminated steel and hot dip galvanized steel finished or with aluminum handrail. Very resistant, they are calculated to support 100 kg/m2, including radiant steel pipe supports below them.

BenchesBasic Aluminio more economic, lighter sendzimir galvanized structure and with aluminum handrail in the perimeter.

All benches are made to measure upon request after doing a previous study over the surface available and client needs.

Bench trays they can be made of galvanized steel mesh, EBB-flow bench trays patented by STAL-PLAST, mutiwall polycarbonate or galvanized steel sheet.

Ebb & Flow bench trays are watertight and patented by Stal-Plast, manufacturated in high impact polystyrene (HIPS), and they have been tested for use with fertilizers effects of temperature change, UV radiation and general daily wear in a modern greenhouse.
Their more common standard width are: 1,0 m., 1,2 m., 1,5 m., 1,8 m., 2,00 m.

The Crop benches we manufacture are:

Crop benches


Crop benches


Crop benches


Crop benches


Crop benches

With wheels

Crop benches


Lab Trolleys

Taylor made benches

Trolleys specially designed for its use in laboratory. Its mobility and its resistance makes this trolley very convenient for its use in researchs centers and laboratories.

Sistemas DR sales tailor-made lab trolleys according to each client needs, offering a customized product, to achieve their production expectations.

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Sistemas DR Greenhouses is a spanish and 30 year experienced company based in Madrid it is specialized in the accomplishment of greenhouse turnkey projects.

From our agricultural and forestry engineering department we work in our greenhouses never ending improvement through our trademarks REYLUX and FIBERLUX.

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