Construction and Conditioning of a Premium greenhouse located in the roof of a Biological station building in the Sevilla CSIC Campus.

The reason of this post is to inform about the ending of the construction and equipment of a premium Reylux greenhouse in the Sevilla Scientific Research Superior Centre, completely taylor made during the manufacturing and building process. The particularity of this project was the location of the the greenhouse: the roof of one of the buildings of the Cartuja Biological Station in the Cartuja Techonologic-Scientific Park. For this reason the greenhouse design and manufacturing needed to be extreemly accurate. Greenhouse measures were 5,33 m. widht anf 17,40 m. length. General specifications are the same as mentioned in our greenhouse Reylux type. Covering material is 10 mm. thick cellular polycarbonate ice coloured protected against U.V. radiation in both sides.

This greenhouse was divided in 4 independent rooms by 3 transversal walls of 5,33 m. length.

All exterior closing profiles as doors, shutters, corners, frontals and ridge taps have been laquered in white colour.

The greenhouse has been completely automatized and climatized by equipping it with cooling system , crop lighting system, external and internal thermal screens in two rooms, irrigation system and crop benches. Control and greenhouse equipments regulation is computerized and centralized in central electrical locker.

Sistemas D.R. has executed his project in three phases, first the greenhouse contruction itself: its structure, covering and vents. Almost a year later, the climate conditioning was done and finally recently, the lighting crop installation has been done. In order to obtain this contract Sistemas D.R. was elected by the bid commission with the maximum score between all tenderers.