Invernadero Reylux R15 de cristal y policarbonato en Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

Reylux R15 model is manufactured with the next standard characteristics:

Module width: 15 m.

Separation between structure frames: 5,30 m.

Pillar Height: 2,8 m. (It is the most common height, but we can tailor it to fill the client’s needs).

Ridge Height: 6,0 m. (Proportional to pillar height).

Roof slope: 40%.

These greenhouses are warm wide span greenhouses (gable frame greenhouses). This range manages a high level of tightness and isolation that means an important energy saving.

The Reylux greenhouses have been specially designed for flat paneling to choose between:

  • Structured polycarbonate 10 mm. thick with protection against Ultraviolet (U.V.) radiation in both sides to choose between: transparent polycarbonate, white ice and White opal.
  • Planilux glass 4 mm. thick. For the roofs it would be securit tempered glass or laminar 3+3 mm. We have special finishes for the glass, like reflectasol.

We also manufacture a version for semi-wavy sheets paneling. Its main structure is made of hot dip galvanized (discontinuous system) and laminated steel frames. Zinc treatment achieves all european regulations: UNE–7.183, UNE-37-501, and the current UNE-EN ISO 1461. In order to increase the greenhouses tightness and isolation, the roof paneling is placed over the supporting glass bar. This bar is made of aluminum and is exclusively designed by our technical team. Besides that, there is a joint case made of PVC, placed all along the supporting bar so this way we obtain more safety and consequently we avoid the thermal change.

All Reylux greenhouses can be available with white laquer finish.

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