Invernadero de plástico tipo Túnel Agrolux

Agrolux tunnel are hoop greenhouses. This model is a great economic solution for those projects with more simple needs. These greenhouses have a very simple assembly process.
Covering is made with  greenhouse special plastic film  800 gauge  (0.2 mm) EVA type TRILAYER, and fastened to the structure through a set of PVC and steel clamps.

Frontal doors can be fixed or swing with half moon aeration. They can be provided with rolled lateral ventilations which can be handle manual or with automatic gear box.

Separation between frames is 2 m. and width and height standard measures are:

5,10 m. 2,75 m.
6,80 m. 3,28 m
8,50 m. 3,50 m.
10,00 m. 3,65 m.
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