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New Greenhouse at “The Hormiguero” tv program

This week one of our most recent works  has served as a little theater for the spanish TV program ” El Hormiguero” in Antena 3.  Our model Reylux R12 greenhouses, recently built at the Garden Center “Las Jaras”,  were used …


Premium Reylux Greenhouse launch at Doñana Biological Station Building’s Roof

Collage CSIC Doñana Invernadero Tejado

Last november Sistemas D.R. implemented the instalaltions of a new premium Reylux greenhouse for research at the Doañana Biological Station located in Sevilla and belonging to the Scientific Research Superior Centre of Spain. The main special feature of this project …



Invernadero Gama alta Reylux R12

We are delighted to announce that construction works corresponding to the execution of the new group of greenhouses for the Garden Center. This turnkey project  was about the design, manufacture and construction of the new group of greenhouses for Las …


Fiberlux Greenhouse in COGERSA

Today’s construction is about a Fiberlux F8 greenhouse assembled in COGERSA (Company for Solid Waste Management) in the northern spanish region of Asturias, in the recycling plant recyclage located in La Zoreda . The construction of the greenhouse makes part …


Certifications ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 managed

uadro certificaciones calidad

In Sistemas D.R. we keep working for improving our products and services quality, our competitive will is to get better year after year for being able to offer to our clients a qualitative leap respecting other companies. For that reason …



Invernadero Fiberlux F9 Centro Ocupacional Carabanchel

Recently Sistemas D.R. ended up manufacturate and assembly works of a profesional greenhouse Fiberlux for a Carabanchel Occupational Centre. The greenhouse will be used for teaching and its characteristics are the following: Greenhouse covering by  polycarbonate sheets in walls and roof. Este material …


Reylux Premium Glasshouse

Invernadero Reylux de Vidrio / Premium glasshouse Reylux

We are pleased to come back with more news of our latest constructions, this time we show some pictures of another Premium Reylux greenhouse, built in La Rioja. The particularity of this greenhouse is that the greenhouse closing profiles  are …


Finished the new greenhouse for the Almeria Solar Platform

Recently Sistemas D.R. has ended the construction works of the new research greenhouse for the PSA Almería Solar Platform. PSA is the largest concentrating solar technology research, development and test center in Europe. PSA activities are integrated in the CIEMAT …


Polycarbonate Fiberlux greenhouse in Garden Center in Madrid

Invernadero Fiberlux de Policarbonato y Umbráculo para Centro de Jardinería en Brunete

This time we would like to share some pictures from one of our latest constructions ended during this 2014 summer, it is about a Fiberlux F9 greenhouse 9 m. width per 16 m. length, equipped with a roof vent and …


Heating system and tunnel crop benches installation

Mesas-túnel para cubrir con plástico

This time Sistemas D.R. staff is happy to share another of its last setting-ups, a new model of crop benches for grafts sprouting with plastic covering tunnels and heating system integrated by propylene pipes inside the bench. Pictures show the benches …


New plastic greenhouse model for house garden

Sistemas D.R. has just launched a new mini-greenhouse model. As it is shown in the picture this is a gable frame greenhouse, with plastic film covering. Initially this greenhouse was intended for agrotextil mesh covering, although depending on the client …


Equipment and conditioning of Greenhouse at CIEMAT in Spain

Recently Sistemas D.R. has ended the climate conditioning of the existing greenhouse in the CIEMAT – Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology. The project consisted of climate control equipments installation, as evaporative cooling system, irrigation system, thermal-shade screen and …


New greenhouses in Schoolls from Segovia

Invernadero Fiberlux F6 Sistemas D.R. para Colegio Agapito Marazuela

In this new post we are glad to show some pictures of the construction of two of our greenhouses for two primary schools in Segovia. One of the greenhouses was Fiberlux F6 with a 6,4 m. width 3 m. length …


Spanish nursery enlargement by construction of premium Reylux greenhouses

Invernadero Reylux R9 en Viveros C.B. Julián Martín Clemente. Reforma realizada por Sistemas D.R.

This time we would like to show some pictures from our last work. The project involved was about the enlargement of the greenhouses for ornamental plant production in one of our clients site, the Garden Center and Nursery J.B. Martin …


Fiberlux Greenhouse at Research Centre IFAPA in Malaga

We are glad to announce the succesful conclusion of a Fiberlux F-9 greenhouse construction for researching in the Agricultural and Forestry Teaching and Research Institute, center belonging to Andalucia Government. The greenhouse is a 9 x 24 m. nave formed …


Construction and Conditioning of a Premium greenhouse located in the roof of a Biological station building in the Sevilla CSIC Campus.

The reason of this post is to inform about the ending of the construction and equipment of a premium Reylux greenhouse in the Sevilla Scientific Research Superior Centre, completely taylor made during the manufacturing and building process. The particularity of …


Premium greenhouse for Banco Santander Financial City

In the photo gallery below, it is shown the construction process during the execution of our latest work, a Reylux R6 greenhouse for ornamental plant in the Grupo Santander City.


New Kiosk for Flowers

We are glad to introduce a new Sistemas D.R. product . This is a flower kiosk taylor-made designed and manufactured by request of one of our garden center customers. Its covering is made of glass and structure is galvanized steel …


Reylux Teaching Greenhouse Burgos Autism Asociation

Invernadero Reylux R9 para centro de educación especial Asociación Autismo Burgos

We are pleased to announce the construction and delivery of R9 Reylux greenhouse that Sistemas D.R.  built for the Autism Association Burgos last February. The greenhouse will be used for teaching and training of people with autism, forming part of …